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If you have anything minor or some loose ends that needs to be taken care of with Kazuma, please use this entry to thread them out.

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[Kazuma can be found at the clothing store after his return wearing not his old clothes, but the uniform Hazama wore in the NOL. Odd. Yet Kazuma didn't find anything strange about it at all, like this was totally what he has always worn. What he found strange was that he couldn't find his journal. Didn't new feathers usually get them upon arrival?

He'll be checking the various stores, the item and weapon shops afterwards for his things before concluding his journal wasn't here. It couldn't still be at the old House was it? Ugh, he's not sure if he wanted a reunion, but the journal is kind of vital in this place. Maybe he can sneak into House 48 without anyone noticing. So he can be seen walking down the path towards House 48 from the plaza.

Once there, he'll be as quiet as possible getting in and getting out with his things...damn that front door sure makes an awful loud creaking sound and this house--this house stinks like cat. Ugh.]

[OOC: The Malnosso have messed around with Kazuma's head and a few other things, so this is who he believes to be right now. Though he doesn't share the headspace with Terumi in Luceti. This is lasting for a week.]
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[It's way late into the night, or way early into the morning, whichever works for you and Kazuma was out of bed and about in House 48. Another sleepless night, they've been getting so frequent. He settled himself in the kitchen, thinking he could make himself some tea, something to eat maybe. He plops both his journals onto the table, thinking he could just write long enough to fall asleep again.

Once he got himself a cup of tea, he seats himself at the table, pressing his hands against the sides of his head. Having these nightmares and hallucinations can leave you with a nasty headache. ]


Is...Is there anyone awake right now? [Please let there someone be awake to talk to, anyone to keep his sanity. He can still faintly hear those voices in the back of his head. A part of him almost wished Terumi was still here, but...they would tell him it's wrong.

"Oh, but I am still here. I'll always be here for you."]
...I just want someone to talk to.

[Someone that's actually there...An idea then pops into his head a few minutes later. Of course he could ask him now. Why didn't he think of him before? Although...he was hesitant about it as it was very late.]

[Filtered to Relius Clover. 65%]

Professor...I'm sorry to bother you at this hour, but I'm having difficulty sleeping...I'm hearing things again.
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[...there seems to be a lot of people showing up today here in Luceti. Technically New Feathers were still showing up there just seems to be more of them coming in than usual.

Well, he'll try not to get into people's way as he tries to head for the library. There, he'll just hide out in his usual spot, in a corner of the library and hide behind his books. He's been here so many times and still couldn't locate what he was looking for.

You can meet him anywhere along his path to the library, or at the library.]
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[Kazuma was just reading a book in his room, when he heard a loud wailing from the other side of his door. It certainly gave him quite a fright and it sounded like...Tao? His journal picked up their conversation as he went to investigate]

Tao? What's wrong?

Boo-meow...Litchi g-go...Tao can't say it!!


[Tao's words were incoherent, covered in her constant sobbing that Kazuma couldn't get anything else out of her. So..rather than keep pressing her, he'll go to Litchi's room to investigate himself. The journal will just pick up Tao's wailing and wheezing for a while until Kazuma comes back.]

Tao...Tao, it's okay. I'll tell everyone. You just...[Just what? What could he even say to make this better? ] Take it easy, all right...? [Kazuma went to his bed and sat down, his journal now in hand. He stared blankly at the page, Tao still crying in the background.]

To those who knew her, Miss Litchi Faye-Ling has been sent home. [She's gone] She left behind...well cooked a few things for people before she left...I think. [Why does it matter to me?] A lot of things actually...we can't possibly eat all of this, so I'm positive this was meant to be shared with those she knew. [We were from different times, we would have never met anyway] So please feel free to come by House 48 to pick some food up. I'm...sure she'd be happy to know her cooking was appreciated here.

[So why does it hurt here?]
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Um, can everyone hear me...?


Is everyone okay? I mean, what happened here the last few days. Is that really normal for this place...? [his voice trails off slightly as he pondered on the events.]

...--Oh, sorry! I just...I'm sorry to anyone I spoke to while I had that weird mask on during that week. I didn't mean anything I said.

Ah, anyway...there was something sort of important I needed to talk to everyone about. Firstly, my name is Kazuma and....well, I'm speaking to everyone to clear up a misunderstanding. I mean, as long as you're not busy with something already...[Yea, this is off to great start.] Maybe I should write this out.


I've been told there was someone who used to be here that went by the name Hazama. I'm talking about him, because people have mistaken me for him since I arrived.

[A pause]

That is, people tell me I look like and sound like him, but I'm not him. I've never met him or knew of him until I arrived here. [....Was there something else he had to say after this? What did that woman tell him...?] Someone told me about the filters, and that it won't work if they're not here, right? You should try that if you want to check.

That's all I really wanted to say. I did look into what he was doing here and I'll say this now, I can't possibly do anything he could. [Hazama's voiced entry was still ringing in his ear] I don't know why we look the same either, so I can't really answer that. I just wanted to make sure I said something about this to everyone, so [there's a pause, as he taps the page with his pen] so thank you taking the time to read this, and if you still don't feel comfortable around me, I'll understand. Just as long as you know.


[...Ok, that should be good enough. He hopes that's good enough, because he's feeling a little ill after making that public announcement. He was never good with these kinds of thing, but it needed to be done. At least he had the option to write it all out instead of talking.

He's going to be in the living room of House 48 for a while, just until his anxiety finally drops and he could go about his business for the day. He had something he said he would do for Miss Litchi, but hasn't gotten around to actually doing it. Probably shouldn't hold off on it anymore, since they really need to get more food for the house. The least he could do after Miss Litchi and Thirteen took him in and nursed him back to health.

So a little later that day, he's going to be seen heading for the grocery store which...was honestly kind of strange walking around town and seeing it was just fine after the moon supposedly crashed into the place. While he's at the store he's going to slowly realize that he probably should have asked for some help. Orz. W-Well, he could always take several trips. Not like he was in a hurry to be anywhere...

More importantly on his mind, what eggs should he get? If there was one place in the grocery store he would spend a long time at, it'll be down the aisle where the eggs. There's many choices, so many different texture to each egg.

You know those people who like to pick and check the eggs in the cartons at the store? That would be Kazuma right now, picking those "perfect" eggs.]
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[It's nighttime here in Luceti and it's that time of the month where there was the slow sweep of New feathers showing up all over the place. Kazuma unfortunately wasn't the lucky ones that got dumped randomly around the village, or even in the forest. No, he has been taped onto the ceiling of someone's home.

To make matters worse, been taped above someone's bed. Although he hasn't realized this and is currently fast asleep. The only thing that will get whomever on the bed's attention, is that his journal that will plop right on top of them.]


"GAHH! What!? Wha--"

[There's sounds of movement and then a thud as the journal falls onto the ground, book facing the floor. There was another scream]

"WHY AM I UP HERE!? AH! What are you--S-Stop!"


[After all hell broke lose at the Straw Hats, Kazuma was sent on his way, a little bruised but for the most part ok. He's wandering aimlessly through the village, unknowingly heading for the plaza a bit shaken and thoroughly confused. He's going to be extremely jumpy with anyone that approaches him after everything that happened at the house.

At some point he discovers the library and just decides to stay there until there is daylight in this place so he can...figure out what's going on. Or maybe there was someone in the library he could ask. Hope it's not too late here...]

[ooc: Kazuma has found himself taped to the ceiling above Nami's bed in the first part. Voice responses may get a straw hat first.]


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